Luxury cosmetics created in the “Laboratory Natura & Benessere” – Italy, for which an exclusive representative, the only distributor for Bulgaria is Savio Cosmetics Ltd. SAVIO is an Italian cosmetics brand with a whole new philosophy and concept in the field of the health and beauty, made in the “Laboratory Natura & Benessere” – Italy and offered in Bulgaria by Savio Cosmetics, which is the guarantee of origin and quality!

SAVIO brand products are manufactured based on natural herbal ingredients such as Aloe Vera, olive oil, propolis and other herbs used in all formulas are cultivated with organic farming, hand-harvested and certified organic. They work in harmony with the body because of their content of minerals, trace elements and natural essential oils / herbal extracts / holding multifunctional action with healing and cosmetic benefits.

SAVIO brand products are a subject to the microbiological analyzes. They are clinically tested, meet the requirements of international environmental standards and are oriented to maximize safety for the environment.

They are certified according to UNI EM ISO 9001 and have a number of national and international certifications, including the prestigious certificate of the ECOGRUPPO ITALIA.