Perfumes du Château de Versailles

Who has never dreamed to know the splendor, luxury and elegance of the era of Louis XIV?
Rediscover sensations through our fragrances and the art of French perfume available in unique designs and timeless.

Enjoyed our perfumes that will be reflect your personality.

The Parfums du ChГўteau de Versailles proudly carries the French values of perfumery throughout the entire world.
The archives of the Palace of Versailles, the principal residence of French kings from the time of Louis XIV to Louis XVI, retain a series of fragrance formulas developed in the 17th and 18th centuries by the perfumers of the King of France.

The company Conservatoire Français des Fragrances et Cosmétiques (CFFC) has been is the only fragrance developer to have obtained the right to use these formulas and market them under license.

The Parfums du ChГўteau de Versailles are unique in that they are actually recovered from the archives of the ChГўteau de Versailles, buried in dark formulations of 17th and 18th century.
They are reproduced in a very modern way to Grass, France thanks to the work of French perfumers from Conservatoire Français des Fragrances et Cosmétiques (CFFC).

The Parfums du ChГўteau de Versailles recreates the tastes of King Louis XIV and his court: warm, sensual fragrance that Louis XIV enjoyed in their youth. Neroli, violet, patchouli, amber, rose, musk, jasmine reminiscent of lavish feasts, called “Les plaisirs de l’Г®le enchantГ©e” and given in honor of his 20- years young mistress, Louise de la Valier in 1664.

The perfumes have been recomposed with antique natural flavours but also with contemporary synthetic molecules to create a range of perfumes directly inspired from this time: the Parfums du ChГўteau de Versailles.

Three fragrances have been “resurrected” and preserved from complete oblivion:

Promenade Г Versailles pour Elle (10ml, 30ml and 100ml),
Promenade Г Versailles pour Lui (10ml, 30ml, 100ml),
Jardins de Versailles (Women Fragrance 50ml)
Perfumes that are a testimony of the elegance of those golden centuries are a rare luxury.

The French entereprise Conservatoire des Fragrances and Cosmetics (CFFC) establishes the exclusive perfumes of Chateau de Versailles and the official exclusive representative, the only distributor for Bulgaria, Turkey and some countries of Central Asia of The Parfums du ChГўteau de Versailles is Savio Cosmetics