Bomb Cosmetics

We present to you the exclusive collection of Bomb Cosmetics – United Kingdom of handmade natural cosmetics, soaps and candles, gained popularity due to its purity natural ingredients and the precise handmade. A wide range of natural, innovative beauty products of this British company is marketed around the globe, to over 45 countries with great success!An exclusive representative and the only distributor for Bulgaria of this wide range of this Bomb Cosmetics bright, natural, fun and affordable handmade bath, body, face and shower products is Savio Cosmetics.

Bomb Cosmetics brand products are entirely handmade in the UK. All products are created and produced with consideration to the environment. They do not test on animals,as well as invested in their ingredients. No silicones or parabens.

The wide range of Bomb Cosmetic products is a unique combination of natural ingredients contained in essential oils and are made by hand in accordance with the latest technology in the laboratory of Bomb Cosmetics so that the natural components remain unchanged.

This special cosmetics act naturally by moisturizing the skin, protects it from the sun, wind and bacterial infections, such as keeping it soft and gentle and even managed to influence the aging and providing essential nutrients and vitamins to keep her young and velvety smooth.

High quality and luxury personal care products not only make you beautiful but make you feel good in your own skin!

The basic principle in the work of the team of Savio Cosmetics, as an intermediary between manufacturers of luxury brands and consumers is the combination of the quality, trust, creativity and integrity.