About Us

“Savio Cosmetics” is a modern and prosperous company, specializing in the beauty industry, welfare and health. It is active in the distribution of beauty products/ cosmetics and personal care products/ derived from the raw materials of a natural origin, scientifically developed and clinically tested with the characteristics: high quality, excellent design, aesthetics, an combination of stylish elegance and luxury.

The “Savio Cosmetics” headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is the place where you can meet good ideas, talented professionals and financial capital!

The object of the activity of the company “Savio Cosmetics” are prestigious brand cosmetics. They include:

Products for all ages, protecting skin and hair from the daily effects of the environment and the stress
Personal care products
Specialized products for men

All products “Savio Cosmetics” are produced under extreme conditions to ensure that they are safe and meet the highest standards of quality.

Products “Savio Cosmetics” contain active ingredients derived from nature. They nourish and protect skin and hair, helping to function properly and protect them from harmful environmental impact. Raw materials are carefully selected, friendly, safe and gentle. The theme of nature is always present in the product design.

The creation of any product distributed by “Savio Cosmetics” is accompanied by a number of laboratory tests to check the quality and safety, and the final stage there are inviting volunteers to try the product and share their impressions of its performance and efficiency. The products of “Savio Cosmetics” does not test on animals.

The production distributed by “Savio Cosmetics” meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP standard) of the EU. Maintaining a high level of hygiene is a basic requirement for each manufacturer of cosmetics working with “Savio Cosmetics” and the company prides itself on its extreme nicety in this respect.

Consistency in the batch is vital for each brand and “Savio Cosmetics” ensure that from the laboratory samples to mass production, all batches are the same.

Any product distributed by the “Savio Cosmetics” is a symbol of high standard of quality and safety.
Priority of “Savio Cosmetics” is to satisfy the high demands of the market, supported by a wide product range and use the latest technologies and trends of modern requirements in the cosmetics industry.

The company “Savio Cosmetics”‘s success is due both to its highly qualified team led by managers with years of experience and invested funds for the research and development of distribution analysis and return of the product market.